Meeting of the waters

*Meeting of the Waters

The Morritt – Brignall Village

5 mile circular walk

Turn right out of the hotel and just before the bridge cross the stile to take you along the banks of the River Greta, then by a field side and descend back to the river.

A little over a mile along your route, through a wall opening, your path is to the right signed Brignall village. (A short detour straight ahead takes you to the ruined Church of St Mary’s). The path ascends from the river to join a grassy path past the vicarage and onto Brignall Church.

A right turn will take you back down the road to the hotel. To continue on the walk, turn left and right along the drive of “Brookside”. The path goes through a gate and to the left of the farm building.

Follow the yellow markers along the edge of two fields and left to cross two streams running can you buy generic cymbalta through a wooded dell. Walk straight across the next field to enter woodland and cross another stream.

Exit woodland and follow field boundary to A66, cross with care then continue through the churchyard and cross a stile keeping the fence to your left. The path then meets the main road by a stream.

Cross the road and follow the stream, turning right to join the Teesdale Way. Follow the River Tees to the “Meeting of the Waters” where the River Greta joins the Tees. Walk across the Dairy Bridge and follow the drive up to Mortham Tower and then follow the wall round to the left.

After two stiles head for a barn in the middle of a field. Turn right at the barn to eventually re-join the park wall and descend to an underpass by the river. Cross the field and turn right to cross the arched bridge and return to The Morritt.

O/S Pathfinder 599 (NZ 01/11)

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