Luxurious Facilities
at The Garage Spa


With a full compliment of indoor and outdoor facilities, couples rooms and relaxation areas there is something to suit all tastes and requirements at The Garage Spa @ The Morritt.

Come in, relax, unwind and experience the magic of the Garage Spa.

Use of Garage Spa Facilities includes:

  • Invigorating car wash shower experience
  • Shepherd’s hut sauna
  • Indoor and outdoor hot tubs
  • Salt relaxation room
  • Therapeutic steam room
  • Secret garden and relaxation pods
  • Relaxation lounge
  • Individual changing cubicles – Garage style
  • Complimentary use of our cosy robes and flip-flops

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A warm welcome is always on hand at The Garage. Our team will guide you and offer individual treatment advice and help to create your perfect spa experience.

Winner Best Boutique Spa - Good Spa Guide Awards 2018

The Good Spa Guide - 5 Bubble Rating

In the 19th Century, the shepherd’s hut was a haven of warmth and comfort in the fields so that the shepherd could look after his flock day and night for extended periods of time.

At The Garage, our shepherd’s hut sauna is a haven of warmth and comfort to relax and cleanse your body.

Not so long ago, all saunas were enjoyed outdoors – close to the house, and perhaps close to a lake. The special aroma from the sauna makes for a unique bathing experience and is the purist’s way to sauna – and that’s the way we like it.

So brave the elements and be first to experience our shepherd’s hut log sauna.

Our steam room operates at a high temperature allowing your body to undergo detoxifying perspiration. This has a therapeutic effect on your hair and skin as well as relaxing your muscles.

The room is maintained at high air humidity through the enriched permanent steam. This strengthens the respiratory system and stimulates the release of toxins – well worth a visit.

For hundreds of years, societies around the world have found rejuvenation in the calming and healing pleasures of warm water.

From as far back as the ancient Greeks, tales are spoken of the medicinal healing powers of bathing in natural hot springs. The modern hot tub trend started in the 1960s in California, with people modifying large oak wine barrels into private hot soaking tubs. At The Garage we’ve moved things on a bit and given you a choice of three different experiences for your bathing journey.

The first pit stop is a hydrotherapy tub for a soak and relaxing massage. Then, jump in to the next tub to immerse yourself in a hot relaxing bath. If you’re brave enough, jump into the plunge tub – perfect for cooling down after the shepherd’s hut log sauna or steam room.

The ambient salt relaxation room is a controlled, relaxing halotherapy environment, with salt blocks forged by nature hundreds of years ago.

Natural salt therapy dates back over 200 years and is used around the world in hospitals and health retreats to strengthen the immune system. The salt is cleansing and stimulating and provides drug-free and clinically proven relief for many respiratory and skin conditions such as asthma, psoriasis and eczema.

Sit back, breathe in the benefits and enjoy the warm soft glow that emanates from the salt blocks.

When you find our Secret Garden you can swan around in our outdoor hot tub.

Relax in hot water with air bubbles massaging your body whilst breathing in the fresh countryside air. Or climb into the warm detoxifying cocoon of our shepherd’s hut log sauna.

Lounge in our garden after your sauna in a nest of cushions and blankets or wrap yourself in your fluffy dressing gown and sit in our hammock chairs by the open fire with a hot chocolate.

Our secret garden is perfect for enjoying the spa during the warm summer as well as during a bright, crisp autumn day.

The Morritt Hotel, Barnard Castle, Co. Durham

Everyone will need a wash after going off road along our country lane at The Garage.

It’s the perfect place to experience four unique and different shower sensations that refresh and invigorate your body for the next journey.

Our treatments rooms have been purpose built to create the ideal environment for your perfect spa indulgence.

Enjoy a private rainfall shower after your scrub or wrap. Enjoy the natural light seeping in through our skylights or enjoy a darker room to drift off during your heavenly body wrap. Soothe all yours senses with our gentle music and aromatherapy oils.

This is the place where we pick you up for your treatments.

A place to relax, a place to whisper to your friend and gossip or read and wait in anticipation for your treatment experience.

A tranquil comfort zone for refueling and rest.

Our relaxation lounge is a cosy snug with all the comforts of home and a wonderful log fire. There are big, soft cushions and deep armchairs to lounge around in or even drift off for a snooze.

Light refreshments are available: hot and cold drinks, plus our famous homemade cakes!

The Garage is the perfect destination if you’re after a real polish and pamper.

And not just for your hands and feet. A place to get your nails filed, cuticles nourished and your hands massaged, all enjoyed with a glass of champagne for a well-deserved treat.

Our magnificent Rolls Royce couple’s suite provides unparalleled comfort and intimacy, serving as an exclusive spa within our spa.

Ideal for couples or individuals seeking absolute privacy, this beautiful suite features two indoor treatment tables with private rainfall shower and the cabriolet – your own outdoor hot soaking tub with relaxing chairs by an open fire.

Book this suite for yourself and someone special.

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