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The Garage Spa North East

An Award-Winning Spa Break Experience Nestled In The Durham Dales

Located in the rural hamlet of Greta Bridge near Barnard Castle in the Teesdale countryside adjoining the Morritt Hotel Spa.

The Garage Spa offers a relaxing spa experience from the moment you arrive. The calming décor embraces the natural stone and timber features of the original 17th Century building to offer a warm welcome providing rest and rejuvenation as a luxurious spa.


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morritt hotel garage spa spa facilities

The Garage Spa has a range of modern facilities including indoor, and outdoor hot tubs to provide a relaxing and invigorating experience as part of your spa day with us.




Relaxation and well-being are so important to combat the stress of everyday life. Our spa partner, Elemis skincare develops products & treatments that restore and repair the skin and enhance our overall wellness. Restore the glow to your complexion with a facial or relieve built-up tension with therapeutic body treatment.



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morritt hotel garage spa spa wellness

The Garage Spa provides a perfect escape from your everyday routine to relax and unwind, offering a relaxing ambience and luxurious treatments. Check out our unmatched Spa Deals and book today!



County Durham Spa Facilities

Luxurious Facilities at The Garage Spa

Don’t allow yourself to become run down by the stress of everyday life. Let off the gas, pull in, turn off your engine, rest and recharge your batteries at the Garage Spa health club. Our facilities are designed to offer relaxation at another level, with access to our soothing waters, secret garden, therapeutic steam room and treatment rooms. Tie off the day with some light afternoon tea or some appetising lunch and we will have you ready for the road again.


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Steam Room

Steam Rooms are an incredibly old practice for relaxation and healing used by many cultures all across the world. Ancient Greeks and Romans used steam bathing as not only a form of relaxation but for social importance.

We run our steam room at a high comfortable temperature, allowing your body to naturally expel toxins. The steam loosens your muscles releasing any built-up stress and delivering Ultimate Relaxation.

The room maintains a high level of humidity that opens your pores and cleanses your skin of any debris. The high level of humidity strengthens the respiratory system and improves blood circulation, helping Lower Blood Pressure.

Morritt Spa Steam Room


Morritt Spa Indoor Hot Tub

As far back as 737 A.D, ancient cultures have been making use of Hydrotherapy, by means of hot springs. A large part of Roman culture was the use of communal bathhouses and thermal springs. Rudimentary Hot Tubs were created by adding heated stones to cauldrons of water. The Romans developed piping to carry hot water from the furnace to warm the baths, marking the early days of hydrotherapy.

Here at The Garage Spa, we have moved on from ancient traditions, offering Three Unique Experiences for your bathing journey.

The first stop is our Hydrotherapy Tub, perfect for unwinding and relaxation. From there immerse into our Hot Relaxing Bath and lose yourself. If you’re feeling brave, that a dive into our revolutionary Plunge Tub. Ideal for cooling down after our shepherd’s hut sauna or steam room.


Our Ambient Salt Relaxation Room is one of only a few halotherapy retreats in the north of England, featuring Salt Blocks Forged by Nature hundreds of years ago. Halotherapy involves inhaling air containing microscopic salt particles. The salt particles absorb irritants, including allergens and toxins from the respiratory system allowing you to breathe easier.

In 1843, Polish physician Dr Felix Boczkowski men working in the local Salt Mine suffered less from respiratory issues than the rest of the population. From there salt mines were used for Therapeutic Purposes primarily in eastern European countries such as Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.

Salt therapy is used around the world in hospitals and health spas to strengthen the immune system. It is clinically proven to provide Relief for Skin and Respiratory Conditions such as asthma, eczema, and psoriasis.

Lay back, relax and breathe in the benefits and enjoy the Warm Soft Glow that emanates from the salt blocks.

Morritt Spa Salt Room Halotherapy


Morritt Spa Outdoor Hot Tub

Our Secret Garden is the perfect location to relax and take in the country air after our treatments. Take a dip in our Outdoor Hot Tub, and feel the bubbles massage your body.

From there climb into our Shepheard’s Hut Log Sauna and experience the warmth of this detoxifying cocoon. Undergo full-body relaxation as your temperature rises, your pulse rate increases and your blood vessels dilate increasing blood flow to the skin.

After a calming sauna break, melt into a nest of cushions and blankets or wrap up in a fluffy dressing gown and sit in our hammock chair around the Open Fire Pit with a hot chocolate.

Our Secret Garden is perfect for enjoying the comfortable summer air as well as the crisp autumn breeze.


After our luxurious treatments round off the day with our car wash experience will have you back on the road Looking Fresh from the factory.

Before you get back out on the road it is important you leave looking at your best. Our Car Wash offers Four Unique Shower Sensations that will revive and rejuvenate your body for the journey ahead.

Morritt Spa Car Wash Secret Garden


Morritt Spa Treatment Rooms

Our Spa Treatment Rooms have been designed to create the perfect environment for your complete spa indulgence.

Take advantage of a private Rainfall Style Shower after your scrub. Enjoy the natural light seeping in through our skylights or enjoy a darker room to drift off during your Heavenly Body Wrap. Soothe all your senses with our gentle music and aromatherapy oils.


Our Whisper Lounge is the place to take some quiet time away and melt into a book or conversate with your friend as you wait for your next treatment.

If you’re looking for a zone to rest and refuel then the Relaxation Lounge is where you want to be. With a comforting log fire and big armchairs to sink into this tranquil zone is the ideal place to melt away.

Light refreshments are available here, hot and cold drinks and afternoon tea.

Morritt Spa Relaxation Lounge


Morritt Spa Paint Shop

The Paint Room is where the finishing touches are applied, a real polish and pamper session.

In the Paint Room, your hand and feet are the centres of attention. Your Nails are Filed, cuticles nourished and your Hands Massaged. Enjoy this pamper session with a glass of Champagne for a well-deserved treat.


High-tune your Garage Spa visit by losing yourself in additional experiences – additional charges apply.

Mud Rasual – a deep cleansing mud chamber, cover yourself top to toe in mud, the natural active ingredients release toxins to leave you feeling totally cleansed.

Dry Flotation – A mattress filled with warm water supports your body weight whilst you experience the sensation of weightlessness, similar to floating on water.

Hammam – An ancient technique combining hot water and Himalayan rock salt, alternated to leave you feeling relaxed and glowing.

Roof Top Cabriolet – Take the roof off and enjoy our hot tub under the sky on our heated terrace, perfect for two.

Morritt Spa Tune-Up Rooms

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